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Employment Opportunities

Life Alliance makes every effort to hire excellent employees who receive comprehensive training in working with individuals with developmental disabilities and/or mental health concerns. All employees will meet required regulatory obligations according to the statutes of the NC Medicaid program. Potential direct care staffs, called Behavior Technicians, are screened thoroughly to ensure they are suitable to work with a consumer and his/her family and received client specific training to address needs of each individual consumer. Life Alliance requires annual trainings and also provides periodic training throughout the year in an effort to promote continuing education.

Life Alliance also utilizes Administrative Assistants in the office areas to act as support for the supervisors as well as for families and consumers in need and to ensure all documentation and administrative requirements are met.

Life Alliance currently utilizes the following positions:

  • VP Administration

  • Quality Assurance Coordinator

  • Qualified Professional

  • Behavior Technicians

  • Regional Administrative Manager

  • Health and Safety Coordinator

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