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Our Services

Life Alliance is a private service provider offering one-on-one support to individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities and intellectual/developmental delays. The job of our trained support staff is to teach and assist the consumer with daily living and self help skills so that the consumer remains an active as well as an independent member of his/her community. The staff may also provide support to the families of the consumer as necessary.

NC Innovations Waiver Services

The North Carolina Innovations Waiver is a resource for funding services and supports for people with intellectual and other related developmental disabilities that are at risk for institutional care in an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Mental Retardation (ICF-MR. This waiver, approved to be effective, April 1, 2008 for five years, operates concurrently with a 1915 (b) Waiver, the North Carolina Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/ Substance Abuse Services Health Plan (NC MH/DD/SAS Health Plan).

Purpose and Goals of NC Innovations
The NC Innovations Waiver is designed to provide an array of community based services and supports to promote choice, control and community membership. These services provide a community-based alternative to institutional care for persons who require an ICF-MR level of care and meet additional eligibility criteria for this waiver.

NC Innovations Waiver Services

The Goals of the NC Innovations Waiver are:

  • To value and support waiver participants to be fully functioning members of their community;

  • To promote Promising Practices that result in real life outcomes for participants;

  • To offer service options that will facilitate each participant’s ability to live in homes of their choice, have employment or engage in a purposeful day of their choice and achieve their life goals;

  • To provide the opportunity for all participants to direct their services to the extent that they choose;

  • To provide educational opportunities and support to foster the development of stronger natural support networks and enable participants to be less reliant on formal support systems.

The use of NC Innovations Services is based on the needs of the participant, the preferences of the participant, the availability of other formal and informal personal resources and supports, and waiver regulations. The home and community based services provided through this waiver are intended to provide services and supports that are essential for participants to reside in and participate as members of their communities. Life Alliance is approved by the Managed Care Organization/Local Management Entity to provide the following Innovations Waiver Services:

  • Intensive In-Home

  • In Home Skill Building

  • Community Networking

  • Personal Care

  • Respite

  • Residential Supports

  • Supported Employment

Alternative Family Living

Alternative Family Living

Alternative Family Living Arrangement (AFL) is an out of home setting where the participant receives 24-hour care and lives in a private home environment with a family (or individual) where the services are provided to address the care and habilitation needs of the participant. Any AFL providing services to a child/children or two or more adults requires a license (as defined by NC General Statues 122C-3 27G .5600F). Life Alliance works with and provides Alternative Family Living arrangements for adult individuals in unlicensed homes.

Developmental Therapy

Developmental Therapy

Developmental Therapy is a developmental disability service that includes individually designed instruction, training or functional developmental intervention activities based on the assessment of, and unique strengths and needs of the individual child or adult. It is designed to support the individual in the acquisition of skills that the recipient has not gained during the developmental stages of life, and is not likely to develop without additional training and supports. For children the focus is on strengthening skills in the major developmental domains and may include training and activities in areas such as self-help, language and cognitive development, and psychosocial skills. For adults, Developmental Therapy may include training in activities to strengthen appropriate developmental functioning in areas of self-care, mobility, socialization, independent living, and self-advocacy and rights.

Personal Assistance

Personal Assistance

Personal Assistance is a support service which provides aid to a client so that the client can engage in activities and interactions from which the client would otherwise be limited or excluded because of his disability or disabilities. The assistance includes: (1) assistance in personal or regular living activities in the client's home, (2) support in skill development, or (3) support and accompaniment of the client in regular community activities or in specialized treatment, habilitation or rehabilitation service programs. This service focuses on assisting the individuals in becoming connected to naturally occurring support systems and relationships in the community to provide and enhance opportunities for meaningful community participation.

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